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Donkey Rides Not Banned, Mail Reveals

In July 2008 Richard Littlejohn squeezed out a column attacking his normal targets – ‘elf  ‘n’ safety’, PC killjoys and the like, you all know the routine by now – which included a nice big picture: Along with the following statement: Councils from Blackpool to Bournemouth are already busy banning donkey rides, on animal cruelty […]

The Madness of Melanie Phillips

So, Dr Andrew Wakefield is now just plain old Andrew Wakefield after being struck off for – in the words of the Telegraph’s Tom Chivers: [being] one of the principal authors of perhaps the stupidest and most unnecessary health scare of recent Western history… [and] for being “dishonest”, “misleading” and “irresponsible” in his research into […]

The PCC Idea of ‘Resolved Complaints’

Looking through the Press Complaints Commission’s recently resolved complaints you become aware of just how unsatisfactory such resolutions often are for the complainant. The PCC and editors seem to think it is enough to merely remove offending articles, rather than actually attempt to offer any kind of redress or explanation. Take the example of teacher […]

The ‘Dudley 2′

Just received my latest email from the EDL discussing a march taking place in London tomorrow. The email stresses the importance of ‘mobilising divisions’ (as if they are an army) quickly in support of the ‘Dudley 2′ who are: being persecuted for standing up for the rights of everyone in this country Actually, as far […]