Daily Archives: June 5, 2010

‘Live’ Grenades

A classic piece of tabloid rubbish has been floating around today: ‘Don’t panic! Props for Dad’s Army play were live grenades‘ (Daily Mail); ‘Dad’s Army props were live grenades‘ (Daily Mirror) and ‘DON’T PANIC! OUR DAD’S ARMY PROPS ARE LIVE GRENADES‘ (Daily Express). As soon as I saw this story I thought what a huge […]


Not content with publishing Richard Littlejohn’s column criticising the innapropriate use of ‘Mister’ Derrick Bird and the implication that Political Correctness played some kind of role in the Cumbria shootings, today they wheel out a pretty standard attack on health and safety: ‘Health and safety rules stopped paramedics treating the injured‘. As I pointed out […]