Not content with publishing Richard Littlejohn’s column criticising the innapropriate use of ‘Mister’ Derrick Bird and the implication that Political Correctness played some kind of role in the Cumbria shootings, today they wheel out a pretty standard attack on health and safety: ‘Health and safety rules stopped paramedics treating the injured‘.

As I pointed out last night, whatever course any person or organisation takes the Daily Mail will happily criticise them. This ‘story’ centres around the fact that Police held back Ambulance crews until armed police had secured the areas around the wounded. This attempt to prevent putting paramedics in the line of fire is dubiously understated as ‘fears over health and safety’, not ‘fears of putting paramedics at serious risk of being shot and killed’.

One can only imagine if paramedics were allowed or told to rush to each scene and one of them or more had been shot and killed that the Daily Mail would be asking for heads to roll and would have no doubt denounced the order as ‘crazy’. After all, the Daily Mail scream ‘nanny state’ when social services intervene, whilst simultaneously screaming ‘why wasn’t something done?’ when social services do not intervene.

This is a pathetic attack on health and safety from a newspaper that has absolutely no shame, using the death of 12 people to push its own distorted media narratives.

11 thoughts on “Shameful

  1. helas! worse still are many of the “readers’ comments”.
    B M Jackson, Preston, writes for instance : “Just confirms what an utter farce H & S is.
    It’s time it was dumped. People can see danger and usually look after themselves.
    We don’t need all the well-paid hangers-on that have been created. ”
    or how about Bemused, Bedford UK, : “What a sad state this once brave country has sunk to. No more bravery thanks to to Health and Safety and the PC cowards. Let’s hope the new government puts them all in the bin like they deserve. Oh, and save us a ton in salaries and gold plated pensions.”

    Maybe the Dally Wail (err Mail) and its readers deserve each other

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  3. I love the way the most ignorant and critical comments come from people who don’t even live in the country. They always complain about “what’s happened to Great Britain?” but they’ve all moved out and their source of UK “news” is the Daily Makeitupasyougoalong.

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