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Not Really ‘Shameful’

You can learn an awful lot about the opinion of the Daily Mail by its use of inverted commas in headlines. Inverted commas can mean a number of things but normally they mean that the the text contained within them is untrue, or that it is laughable.

So, what can you make of this headline: ‘Class greets German twin town visitors with ‘shameful’ Nazi salute‘. This seems to imply that greeting German visitors with a Nazi salute isn’t actually shameful, but rather than the PC brigade have labelled such action as ‘shameful’.

Considering the letter printed in the Daily Mail today, I guess this isn’t really a surprise.

Still, you cannot argue that the Daily Mail doesn’t know its audience:

Nazi Salute


In response to ‘shellsuitwarrior’ (thanks for taking the time to comment) below I’d just like to add that I completely understand their point and I can see that there is an argument that the Daily Mail is trying to appear neutral with this headline.

However, I would like to point out that as mentioned by the Mediawise submission [PDF] to the PCC Governance review: headlines are not covered by the accuracy clause and are in fact treated as ‘comment’ by the PCC. This ruling came about in response to complaints made about the Daily Express headline ‘Bombers are all spongeing asylum-seekers’ in 2005 – something which clearly not true, and as the PCC ruled, doesn’t even need to be.

I’d therefore argue that the Daily Mail is perfectly able to use headlines as comment, and given the huge amount of Daily Mail headlines in particular that bear no relation to the content of the article I would not be overly inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt here.

Mike Phelps

I know that Tabloid Watch has already covered this, but I’ll just stick this picture here to prove to any doubters just what a shit rag the Daily Mail is:

Daily Mail letter
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And also point out the heading that the Daily Mail decided to add: ‘Now here’s an idea’, which is essentially stamping an big seal of approval on the letter. Another suggestion to help Mike and other concerned Daily Mail readers avoid having to watch awful foreigners and black people on their TV is that they could turn off the TV or stab themselves in both eyes with a fork.

I’d even be willing to pay for the forks.