Daily Archives: June 11, 2010

‘These comments have been moderated in advance’

Bearing the title of this post in mind, imagine what kind of comments didn’t make it through on this article: ‘Cameron to host No.10 party for gay celebrities in bid to woo ‘pink vote’‘:

Gay 1Gay 2Gay 3Gay 4

And in the red corner:

Gay 5

Not surprisingly only one comment has passed moderation on this article: ‘‘Immigrants are making our country dumber': Anger as board member of Germany’s central bank cites ‘ample statistics‘.

There’s Always One

Last night on Twitter I joked that someone might accuse Sir Alan’s Choice of Arjun Rajyagor as the winner of Junior Apprentice as ‘PC gone mad’, and the Daily Mail website hasn’t let me down:

PC brigade, again
Sir Alan, famous PC Brigade member

It is good to see this accusation well in the red, and the fact that he is pretty much alone in suggesting it is down to PC ‘again’ gives me a little more faith in humanity.