A lie about Tesco breaking the law

Another classic misleading headline – although misleading is a bit euphemistic, it is a clear lie from the Daily Mail:

Tesco Not breaking any lawHas the practice of selling lager below cost price now law? No, of course not as the content of the article clearly states:

Tesco has emerged as the only supermarket to be ‘caught’ pricing its alcohol below cost since calling on the Government to outlaw the practice only a month ago.

According to research compiled for Financial Mail, the supermarket sold Stella Artois lager at 6p below the cost of tax and excise duty alone, the day after saying below-cost sales should be banned.

It was also selling 24 cans for £10 in a promotion the weekend before it made its plea, according to market research firm Assosia.

So, it may have been hypocritical, but the practice has not been outlawed, so why the lie? Pointing out hypocrisy whilst lying to create more sensation kind of devalues your point – as does pointing out hypocrisy in Daily Mail.

Nonetheless the bovine readership clearly cannot understand that no laws have been broken here – thanks to the lying headline:

Tesco lager

Interestingly one reader points out a further inaccuracy as well as the headline:

Tesco Lager 2

Still, the journalist writing this crap was surely lying in ‘good faith‘.

2 thoughts on “A lie about Tesco breaking the law

  1. I like how they were “caught” (nice scare quotes on caught from the Mail, by the way, since Tesco wasn’t exactly caught doing anything at all) the day after making the announcement.

    Even if Tesco had said “We will ban selling below-price”, they’d never have been able to roll out price rises across a massive supermarket chain – altering promotions, reprinting labels – in a single night.

  2. the “caught” allows them to imply that this was the result of some clever and worthy investigative journalism on their part, rather than say, just walking into a branch of tescos.

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