Mike Buckingham and racial purity, again

Last week I introduced you poor souls to Mike Buckingham, columnist for the South Wales Argus. His column argued that England’s early demise was due to the evils of multiculturalism and that Germany won because they are more racially pure. As if to hammer the point home he points to Nazi Germany as being the sort of society that understands what it is to have and maintain ‘superior values’. As it so happens I have managed to get hold of the South Wales Argus from June 2 and have been able to read another one of his wonderful columns, and guess what, he mentions his beloved Nazis again.

In this column Mike is worried that the Welsh Assembly is killing of ‘Cymraeg’, by pumping millions of pounds a year into promoting and forcing the Welsh language upon a largely disinterested population. He hasn’t got a problem with this, but, he is worried that the Welsh Assembly are a bit too inclusive and modernist for his liking:

In their imaginations… Wales is dreamt of as what they would no doubt call ‘a modern nation, looking towards the future but drawing upon its ancient traditions,’

Which sounds like a pretty decent vision, but not for Mike who worries:

Such a nation would, of course, be faultlessly multicultural.

It is not a Wales which accords with the wishes of the people who actually live here

I think he assumes that everyone in Wales is just as racist and backward as he is. It does, as always with Mike, get worse as he soon gets back to wishful romanticising about the racial purity of Nazi Germany. You see, Wales is currently quite pure and white according to Mike. Just look around the National Eisteddfod (the Welsh festival of literature, music and performance) he suggests, and look at how multicultural it is, because, he argues, ‘it is about as inclusive as a Nuremberg rally circa 1938′.

Is this a good thing or bad thing in Mike’s eyes? A good thing of course because:

Welsh is a rare and beautiful thing which flourishes on its own heath among its own people.

Expose it to the bastardisation and the stresses of modernity and it will die, as surely as a butterfly let loose in mid-winter.

As if to make it really, really clear what he means, check out the accompanying picture and caption:

Mike love his Nazis
Click to Enlarge

I can see there is a very good reason why Mike Buckingham’s body of ‘work’ isn’t online.

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8 thoughts on “Mike Buckingham and racial purity, again

  1. I don’t think Mike understands South Wales at all, why are the Argus allowing him to write about it? Wales and the Welsh have always welcoming, encouraging new people who want to learn the customs and the language if they wanted. Perhaps he’s under that misplaced illusion that the Welsh are the only ‘true Brits’, as the rest of the UK was conquered by the Danish/French/Dutch etc etc.

  2. I think Mike is living in a very isolated part of Wales where say the only two people live are him and his mother. As he seems to think that Wales is so pure.

  3. I live in North Wales and I have seen many non European people speaking Welsh with those who speak Welsh. Surely that is a good thing. It’s a lot better than many of the Brits who go down to Spain and don’t want to learn a word of Spanish.

    I think the reason no one complains about Mike’s columns is that no one reads it.

  4. Considering the Argus covers the Newport county, which has a radically diverse community of different races and cultures, I am amazed that the paper allows him to write for them. Perhaps he is from one of the more right-wing areas of Gwent, which is known around these parts as generally being a bit more righty than most other S. Wales counties.

    The capital of the nation, Cardiff, is one of the most multicultural cities I have ever encountered. It’s despicable that people like this have a (paid) platform to spout this hateful nonsense.

  5. I’m thrilled that you’ve drawn attention to this bigot. The SWA has a big readership as you probably know. I used to work there and it was truly horrible–Newsquest owned. No surprises that they’re pursuing the right-wing populist agenda. Some of the stuff he writes should not be printed anywhere, it’s worse than anything in the nationals. Bravo…

  6. I was amazed to come across Buckinham’s column,partly on its own account and partly because I encountered another Buckingham who was a right wing eccentric who had unfortunately acquired a position of power. Though unintentionaly very funny, this woman was also a capricious bully. I’m still traumatised. I wonder if they are related?

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