The Shameful Daily Express

Utterly, utterly appalling.

Cannot quite bring myself to really go into this right now. Words just somehow don’t feel like enough in cases like this.


The Enemies of reason has two posts on this, both of them well worth reading, so go here and here for those.

Left Outside has a brilliant post on this frontpage and an issue that you will be reading about on this blog shortly.

The incomparable Tabloidwatch has now posted on this.

And the infrequent but always eloquent and thoughtful No Sleep ‘Til Brooklands has also covered it.

All of which means I do not need to add any further to this terrible day for tabloid journalism because they have all said it much better than I could have managed anyway.

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17 thoughts on “The Shameful Daily Express

  1. There’s not really anything you can say about that.

    It seems trivial compared to that appalling headline and even worse subheading, but the boxout in the top-left (“WHY MUST OUR RADIOS BE SWITCHED OFF?”) is more of your typical Express scaremongering.

    The Express: “TODAY the Government will announce that the FM radio signal will be discontinued in 2015. It’s an unpopular move as digital radio is still expensive and unreliable.”

    BBC: “Changes to digital radio dependent on listener numbers

    There is “no compulsion” to stick to a plan to switch over from FM to digital radio by 2015, communications minister Ed Vaizey has said.”

  2. Sporran, you are spot on. Was listening to Ed Vaizey on 5Live this morning and he made it clear that an arbitrary switchover date for digital radio was nonsensical given the sparsity of both DAB coverage and DAB users. Because improving coverage and signal strength is so expensive no one wants to foot the bill so it seems like FM could be around for an awful lot longer.

    According to the 5Live segment this morning only around 1% of cars have DAB radios, so it is in no ones interest to simply switch off in 2015.

    Again, just another complete lie from the Express.

  3. I saw the report of the actual case on the beeb. They left Lord Roger’s (great name) comments out, oddly! The case itself is without a doubt the correct thing to do with regards to the ECHR and general decency, of course, but yay homophobia anyway.

    1. It is also worth bearing in mind that in 2008 there were only 25,670 applications for asylum, which always feels like a tiny figure whenever I read it because the way the press covers asylum (with images of ‘floods’, ‘waves’ and other apocalyptic sounding descriptors) makes it sound like it should be a figure in the millions or at least hundreds of thousands.

  4. Joe, you are right, so much tabloid reporting relies on removing the context from what they are reporting so that they can fit the news into their media narratives. This is why it is so frustrating to hear journalists arguing that the have to hurriedly report things in good faith which is why so many mistakes happen, yet when it comes to immigrants or asylum seekers they suddenly find the time to skewer the story to fit their agenda and actively avoid the churnalism that they claim is a result of having no time to check or absorb stories before having to put them on their websites.

  5. with regards to the switch over its a massive massive fuck up fairy. convienantly the siginals that run raido mics used in 99% of tv broadcast and arean events (like olympics) are being turned off just after the olympics. (saveoursound)

    In sweden where my girlfriend is from they had digital tv only some years ago.. but all raido is and will be analogue.

  6. the reason for the switch over to DAB is not because of its superiority to FM, nor is it due to the popularity of DAB. it is purely because Gordon Brown sold off large portions of the FM spectrum to private companies. Im not blaming Brown solely as this was a labour led policy from the Blair years. Majority of our military kit works on FM frequencies and until the government announces which frequencies have been sold, most military radios remain unknown as to their security levels within the UK. i’m sure the same applies for Police, Paramedics etc

  7. On the digital switch, my dad lives on the Isle of Man, which has been one of the first places to go digital. It’s fucking terrible, skips all the time and takes 5-6 seconds to change the channel – we still don’t get Channel 5 either, but I’m sure we’ll live.

  8. It’s worth mentioning also that asylum applications on the basis of sexuality are nothing new, not by a long chalk.

    I worked for the Home Office – in an asylum-based position – over five years ago and as part of that I had close contact with the official case file of each appellant.

    It was, and presumably still is, far from a rarity to stumble on a file in which an appellant claimed they would be persecuted in their home country for being a homosexual.

    The cases were relatively common and I was seeing them at the final stage of the appeals process, when they had proven their case and had been granted asylum and indefinite leave to remain.

    In summary: this isn’t news.

  9. Papers like the Express aways argue that people coming to live in this country should learn to speak the language. Clearly the person who wrote the headline to this story could do with some lessons in basic English.

  10. FM radio spectrum has not been sold to anyone – at least not on the frequencies that radio broadcasts on. Even if digital switchover takes place, many smaller stations will remain on FM.

    But I think we’re a little off-topic here…

  11. I love the way the fear of technology posed by the “Don’t turn off our radios” header is juxtaposed with “Win an iPad!”

    The confusion of the backward thinker…

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