There have been some good talks recently instigated by Tim Ireland over at Bloggerheads at revitalising some old websites and creating some new ones to better promote the work done by those who blog about the media. In particular it has the aim of having a website for each major tabloid newspaper that will appear as high as possible in the Google rankings; the idea being that when  a reader searches for their newspaper they will see that a website exists to monitor that newspaper’s output. Daily Mail watch is currently achieving that, but is not often updated, something that should change with the team being brought together. A new website is being created for the Daily Express and the Sun already has The Sun Lies.

To some extent it seems that momentum is slowly building and what started as disparite, frustrated bloggers is building towards something more, a joined-up approach to really promoting just how dishonest and hateful tabloid journalism is. Perhaps this has been helped by columnists like Jan Moir and her article on Stephen Gately, which received a huge amount of publicity even though it was in many ways just another horrifically spiteful, ignorant and phobic piece churned out by increasingly desperate newspapers. The veil – always pretty see-through – is really slipping as racism becomes more pronounced and lies ever easier to track down thanks to numerous blogs like this – and Google just a click away.

This is a project that will be built over the coming months and when it comes together I’ll let you know. But in the meantime some new bloggers along the same lines as this blog have sprouted up which you should check out:


  • George says:

    Just thought I’d mention a blog that might be useful to you; It covers the lies on the back pages in the same sort of way that you cover the lies on the front pages. revealing lies about Lionel messi is perhaps not as important as revealing lies about immigration, EU regulation, etc but it does help to show people how full of shit the tabloids are, even when they are covering sports.

  • Dave Medlo says:

    While individual sites targeting each newspaper makes sense when discussing greater Google ratings I can’t help but feel that might dilute the effects in some way.

    I currently read Angry Mob on a post-by-post basis as well as Five Chinese Crackers, Liberal Conspiracy, Paperhouse, Tabloid Watch, Enemies of Reason and The Sun Lies – and sometimes it’s hard keeping track of all the updates and link worthy articles.

    While I would never want to take away the individual efforts of those bloggers, nor alter the personal styles of each website, I would have to say that as a user I would find some kind of central location (or movement, or archive, or library, or link system etc) of much more use – certainly in terms of hunting for past articles on similar subjects).

    I’ve been thinking recently how some kind of national network would be very useful. I’m sure I bore my Twitter and FB followers with my constant linking to interesting articles, but perhaps a central website that archives posts by these websites – EG if you wanted to draw reference to all the articles on Raoul Moat you could do so from one resource instead of searching across 10 or so different sites.

    I realise that this is hardly an easy task, and I certainly welcome any efforts made to further expand the readership of these genuinely outstanding blogs. I just thought I’d offer my opinion from the point of view of an avid consumer.

    Incidentally I’ve also found myself wondering recently why we have no Daily Show equivilent in this country. It could possibly be because our news media and politics aren’t quite as extreme or hilarious – however plenty of ridicule and awareness raising awaits in the tabloid press and a satirical TV show which highlights that could be very interesting indeed.

    If ever the members of this loose coalition of tabloid watchmen feel that this might be a good idea then please feel free to drop me a mail. I’d love to have a go.

  • Left Outside says:

    This sounds excellent.

    Me and Jamie Sport had the idea of a Press Watch aggregator like . A joined up approach would be good.

    Would it work along the lines of cross posting posts written on your own blog to the site dedicated to that particular newspaper?

    It sounds interesting and I would definitely up my scum watching if there were a few central sites to aggregate the stuff.

  • We at Trans Media Watch would be happy to work with any such affiliation. What we do is very specialised, trying to improve the representation of transgender people in the media. We work with politicians and regulators and journalists themselves, as well as taking on the cases of individual transgender people who have been treated badly. We also do research into media behaviour in this area and would potentially be interested in collaborating on related projects.

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