The Daily Star: Capable of blocking toilets

A dose of Youtube can sometimes be just as nauseating as browsing the Daily Mail website; and in many ways it is actually worse because Youtube is the place where all the tabloid reading dullards pick up a video camera and film themselves regurgitating their confused interpretation of the world around them. They are the sort of people who buy the Daily Star because they think it is a newspaper. They probably believed that councils were building hole-in-the-ground toilets WITH THEIR MONEY just for EVIL MUSLIMS to use, even though as pointed out by Jamie over at exclarotive the entire story was a complete lie: firstly, it was a privately run shopping centre and nothing to do with the council and secondly the toilets were not just for Muslims.

The trouble is with these stories is that although they are complete rubbish they have already been committed to paper and imprinted on the minds of the absolute simpletons who stare vacantly into a camera and claim that Britain is losing a war against immigrants imposing their culture and laws on us. The sad thing is almost their entire evidence base for these assertions is the absolute drivel printed by tabloid newspapers. People will now seriously believe that local councils are so scared of Muslims that they are using TAXPAYERS’ money to build them special toilets that only they are allowed to use.

Naturally the council responded and pointed out that ‘the installation of a particular type of toilet at the Rochdale Exchange shopping centre has had nothing whatsoever to do with the council’. But of course this will not ever be reported in the Daily Star, so the original front page will still be true:

And the Daily Star can then follow it up with another lie that makes it seem as if the original story was genuine:

The amount of excrement printed by the Daily Star is enough to block any toilet, although in this case the ‘blockage’ is rather uncertain as Jamie points out:

There never were going to be Muslim-only toilets, so they can’t be ‘blocked’. Even if you ignore the ‘Muslim-only’ bit, the article only says the toilets are being reconsidered – and that’s from an anonymous source who’s in neither the Manchester nor Rochdale local papers.

All in all, another Daily Star front page that is a complete lie and the PCC have never so much as raised an eyebrow, let alone got the brush out and forced this vile shit firmly around the u-bend.

7 thoughts on “The Daily Star: Capable of blocking toilets

  1. I was so hoping you were going to say Daily Star staff blocked toilets by having their heads shoved down them. Seeing as they were hole-in-ground loos it would also have been the perfect opportunity to fill them with concrete too.

    On second thoughts, mouths covered and arses in the air – wouldn’t have stopped them talking.

  2. Given the utter crap that appears in the Express and Star how can the papers owner Richard Desmond be considered a fit person to be the next owner of Channel 5?

  3. Blocking a loo is the best use for those publications, jammed nicely against the u-bend (preferably the one in the editors office)

  4. I can’t believe these headlines are published and nothing can be done about them. Change muslim to jewish and the context of demonising a religious or racial group suddenly seems a little clearer.

  5. It’s a typical tabloid tactic — when a manufactured story of outrage has been proven to be complete rubbish, print a follow up claiming victory for the newspaper because said outrageous thing isn’t happening anymore (even though it never was). While this approach is nothing new, it’s becoming more and more desperate as they fight for an ever decreasing overall readership as print sales continue to dwindle. The readers think that their newspaper is fighting for them, for common sense; striking blows against the boogeymen that are political correctness and health and safety.

    Charlie Brooker quite rightly tweeted yesterday that it’s time the print media was subject to a ‘truth audit'; much like television was a couple of years ago when accused of widespread fakery. The papers drum up their own support by creating false enemies, then slaying them.

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