Another just turned 18/19 female is featured in a leering Mail article and the comments do not appeared to be censored, with hilarious results. The article headline just about sums up the Mail’s attitude towards women: ‘All grown up: Julia Roberts’ niece Emma is a child star no longer in revealing new roles‘ and the article contains 6 photos of Emma Roberts in varying states of undress. The comments are among the best I have ever seen on the Mail website:


‘Mailbait’ should become a dictionary term immediately. Once again, it is vitally important that we all remember the words of Mail Online editor Martin Clarke and laugh at them:

News is far more important to us that showbiz. News is what drives our site.


  • Those comments are spot on. Maybe The Mail will learn something from them.

  • David Belcher says:

    “Mailbait” – excellently coined there, I hope it does make the dictionary one day! I’m guessing that this story swiftly appeared on the Dacre-parodying “Buff the Banana” website too. For a newspaper that tries to seize the moral high ground with such regularity that it ought to be awarded a King of the Mountains jersey (spot the keen cyclist!), yet again the DM has a definite whiff of hypocrisy about it. My second journalism quote of the week courtesy of The Sweeney’s Jack Regan: “Tell C11 to subscribe to The Beano in future, George – it makes for heavier reading”. Sums up a lot of the Mail’s content nicely.

  • Jeremy Pavier says:

    “We’re sorry but reader comments are currently unavailable.”

    Ha ha ha ha!

  • Jake says:

    Absolutely brilliant.

  • MacGuffin says:

    ‘Mailbait’ should apply to 17 year olds too, as that then includes Mail favourite Miley Cyrus who, they told us yesterday, has made an ‘even more provocative’ music video…

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