Always someone stupid enough…

Towards the end of my Winterval essay I point out that the reason the myth was still around after 12 years was because there would always be a public figure stupid enough to repeat it. It is disappointing to be proven right as yet another public figure – the newly appointed Lord Michael Dobbs – repeats the myth in a tabloid newspaper [the Express]. He follows the traditional pattern: talk about maintaining ‘British heritage’, vow to fight the PC brigade and talk about how silly Winterval was:

Away with all the ­levellers and their ludicrous festivals like Winterval, let’s embrace Christmas in the way we’ve done for more than a thousand years, celebrating family and showing friendship to strangers. If the flat-earthers find themselves insulted by the fact that we take pride in being British, that’s their problem.

This person is now a Lord. And we think the people we elect are stupid.

If you have not yet read or shared the Winterval essay, please do. I have yet to receive any kind of response from the newspapers I contacted regarding it, but I might forward it again should any of them repeat it again.

6 thoughts on “Always someone stupid enough…

  1. Things like this really help me feel better about myself.I am an uneducated lower working class man from north London.Now reading stuff like this about our betters makes me realise how stupid most of them are.If you like me wonder why this society is not advancing but reversing things start to make a bit more sense.We need to sack the lot of them and get some leaders who are fit for the purpose of running our country for the good of vast majority not just the few

  2. “Let’s embrace Christmas in the way we’ve done for more than a thousand years”. Fine, well that rules out Christmas trees, the singing of carols in church, stockings, eating turkey, and Protestants taking the day off work in Scotland for a start. In addition, I take it he favours the payment of rent on Christmas Day, before settling down to a meal of deer’s entrails and frumenty porridge? His Lordship must also miss the presence of wild boars ready to be slaughtered in the traditional manner.

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