More dubious drug coverage from the Mail

The local press coverage of this horrific attack does not mention that the attacker was ‘high on miaow-miaow’, indeed, the newspaper makes it clear that the attacker was fully in control of her emotions throughout the lengthy torture session. The paper does not link her use of mephedrone or indeed alcohol to the attack, but rather than she had now stopped her consumption of both. The paper does not have any comments from the police or judge referring to drink or drugs being part of the attack.

So, the Daily Mail therefore chooses this headline: ‘Blinded by liquid eye liner and burnt with cigarettes, the horrific injuries of victim, 17, tortured by girl gang leader high on miaow-miaow‘. The Daily Mail provides no evidence for this claim. It might be true, but if that is the case then why not provide evidence in the form of a comment from police or the judge involved in the case? It could just be another example of the Daily Mail inventing a link between drugs and violence.

6 thoughts on “More dubious drug coverage from the Mail

  1. To be fair, the BBC site also mentioned ‘miaow-miaow’. So either it’s true, or one of them made it up and the other nicked it. I wonder?

  2. Just to say it may actually be true (much as I baulk at backing up the Mail)

    The victim was interviewed on Radio 5’s Drive show yesterday afternoon, and the topic of miaow-miaow was brought up – the impression I got was that she knew nothing about that aspect, until it was brought up in court.

    It’ll be on iPlayer if you want to dig it out

  3. Well this proves that smoking cigarettes makes you carry out evil deeds.

    And have you noticed how people who use illegal drugs also smoke cigarettes? Clearly it’s a gateway drug!


  4. Cannabis is not physically addictive and has not killed anyone but mixed with tobacco it is a gateway to a very dangerous and addictive drug, nicotine. Half of all nicotine addicts suffer an early death as a direct consequence of smoking tobacco.

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