It seems to be a week in which Daily Mail headline writers are competing with each other to create the most offensive headline. Earlier in the week we had that headline on depression, yesterday we had Jan Moir giving her message to students in receipt of EMA:


And today we have a story about how Jonathan Ross’ family are ‘peculiar’ and ‘bizzarre’ as a follow up to him outing one of his daughters as gay:


Maybe I am being oversensitive or reading too much into that headline, but it just sounds as if the writer is taking one ‘peculiar’ behaviour – being gay (in the eyes of the Mail, this is not me speaking) – and then digging deeper to expose the rest of the family as also leading an odd lifestyle – because being gay is a lifestyle choice as far as the Mail is concerned. The full headline is not any better: ‘They talk to each other at home on Twitter, keep sheep and pigs in the garden and have a remote-controlled loo seat. After Jonathan Ross outs his daughter as gay, the bizarre truth about a very peculiar family…’.

Sure, write about the family life of the Ross’ if you want, but why do you feel the need to build it around his gay daughter, as if she was the tip of the ‘peculiar’ iceberg?

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  1. Utterly out of touch, as ever, Ms Moir.

    I don’t doubt that there will be a fair number of spoilt brats amongst the progeny of people that Moir knows, but to assume that everyone who receives EMA falls into that category is just bonkers.

    Where I live (Clapton, E5) is not exactly a wealthy area, and it’s precisely the sort of area where people do need EMA to help them out. It’s also a place where I’ve yet to find anyone who delivers newspapers in almost 20 years.

    If you live like Moir, in some fluffy middle class enclave, perhaps there are spoilt kids and the opportunity to find part time jobs. Back in the real world, many people make do with a lot less, and youth unemployment (16-24) is 20%.

  2. So basically the Mail wants to once again feed its opinions to their already “lubed up” readers that gays are peculiar and bizarre. Not as bizarre as the the mails obsession with this family and printing endless number of inane stories about them which also serves to remind people how right they were during the well exaggerated mail led witch hunt that was the Sachsgate affair.

    Its not remotely as bizarre as the mails obsession with feeding its readers with “coming out” stories time and time again, just so the readers can comment that the gays are “forcing it down their throats” and “slapping their faces around with it” time and time again.

    This story on their site also once again reminds me of the Beckhams. A little less bizarre and far less offensive as the above “poofter” stories is the mails obsession of having photos of the Beckhams in the paper so that the readers can comment about them being in their faces all the time. You know, the family who moved to the US but who somehow appear to be in the mailites faces all the time. Why is that? Ah yes, apart from the regular stories, every single celebrity tittle tattle story is topped with a banner that includes Victoria Beckham – one of the big three hates of the mail – the Beckhams, the Ross’ and Christine Bleakley.

    Who really forces these things in their eyes. The Mail? To some extent, but the Mail doesn’t force idiots in this country to buy their filthy rag of a paper.

    Bizarreness, peculiarness and hypocrisy aren’t strangers to the mailites, despite what they might think

  3. I really can’t see why having sheep in your garden makes you peculiar. As for the remote control toilet I’m sure Ross once did a show about visiting Japan in which he investigated the why Japanese people were so interested in high tech toilets and he probably bought one while he was over there to amuse friends in Britain. Ross collecting all things Japanese is surely no different from people collecting stamps or other memorabilia.

  4. Is Moir insane? Sending kids out on paper rounds not only means them being out in the dark and exposed to the marauding paedos who lurk behind every bush, but also exposes them to the very real risk of handling the Daily Mail.

    Won’t someone think of the children?

  5. Crispin: I dunno… Sheep kinda creep me out… They look like they’re plotting something… Can’t be trusted.

    I would be worried that makes me sound weird but I’m not gay and therefore “normal”, PHEW!

  6. All I got from that Mail article on Ross and family was that they live in an awesome house and seem to have a lot of fun.

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