The lies keep on coming

So, the old myth about the immigrant that avoided deportation thanks to owning a cat was mentioned by Theresa May in her conference speech. Theresa May was laughed at because this never actually happened and had been debunked at the time. So far, so simple. Even the Daily Mail reported on the story – conveniently forgetting that they were one of the early spreaders of the false story back in 2009 when it first started doing the rounds. However, now the Daily Mail have gone and done this:

The Daily Mail: enemy of truth

Even though the lawyers involved in this case have issued a categorical denial of the story only yesterday, they make a complete mockery of the truth and publish this shit. On the front page.

I despair. How can they get away with this? Why do people keep buying this shit? This last few weeks have been amazing in terms of just how many lies the Daily Mail have been happy to repeat. And still nothing can be done.

10 thoughts on “The lies keep on coming

  1. If anything, the last few weeks seems to have given the Mail the confidence to just print whatever the hell it feels like.

    What happened to the overhaul of the PCC we were promised? What happened to that?

  2. That same article ACTUALLY has this quote… “The Home Office’s initial ruling stated: ‘Although you have a cat called Maya she is considered to be able to adapt to life abroad with her owners.

    ‘While your cat’s material quality of life in Bolivia may not be at the same standard as in the United Kingdom, this does not give rise to a right to remain in the United Kingdom.’ WHATTHEFUCK??????? They didn’t write anything on the website about this story until now. It’s blatantly obvious they have been looking for a way to spin the tale in their favour, failed, and wrote a made-up article. Pisses me off

  3. Top rated comment on the web page right now is:

    – frances, fenton staffs, 5/10/2011 23:45

    Nice. The article contradicts itself, it’s ridiculous. Is there some kind of campaign I can join for better press regulation?

  4. I’ve also noticecd this surge in lies from the DM. Conveniently timed around conference season.

    DM lies, politicians repeat lie, DM reports lie as if the politician has just uncovered it, it came from a politician so must be true.

  5. Geoff. If you find one, let me know.

    The press has a lot to answer for about what is wrong with the country. Why else is crime falling but fear of crime increasing? It’s simply scare stories.

  6. History tells us that any tabloid front page with “Truth” in the headline is usually entirely false. Just ask anyone in Liverpool.

  7. For the first time my anger at the complicit bullshitting in this country between the government and the media is turning to sadness.

    We are about to become the laughing stock of the world, but not for the reason Frances in Stafforshire thinks.

    I feel ashamed to be British. Which is horrible.

  8. “Why do people keep buying this shit?” Only answer I can think of is because they’re stupid.

    I have a cat called Maya – very proud that she’s contributed to Theresa May looking even more idiotic than before!

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