• John says:

    Can’t quite work out where in any context that cartoon would be humorous.

  • ACG says:

    “Mac wants the flamethrower!”

    “Mac wants the what?”


  • DuncanB says:

    What the!?
    Surely this is just incitement to violence? Its not unknown for rough sleepers to be set alight by thugs.
    Is this what MAC is hinting at? Flame-throwers could be said to be “fantasy” whereas lighter fuel and matches would be too specific…

  • Peter Pie-eater says:

    I have looked and looked at this cartoon, but I just don’t get it. Usually when I don’t get a cartoon, it’s because of my own ignorance: it might be a reference or homage to a classic movie scene or a famous painting that went right over my head. But this? The newspaper held by the more senior cleric refers to the rumour about most of the tents being empty at night, so is the joke something like this: “wouldn’t it be funny if the protestors come back in the morning and find that we have burned their camp down?” Or is it this: “look at these doddery old vicars going ‘postal’, like something out of a C-of-E Father Ted?” Or is it a more subtle reference to a flame-thrower having been mentioned specifically in the news over the past few days, literally or figuratively? No idea, truly baffled.

  • Rich says:

    “Mr Mac, I served with Giles, I knew Giles, Giles was a friend of mine. Mr Mac, you’re no Giles.”