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Liz Jones identifies cause of British riots

Liz Jones is supposedly a fashion journalist, but given her penchant for writing bizarre drivel the Daily Mail are more than happy for her to join their dedicated team of moronic columnists and they welcome her views on pretty much any subject – whether it is sending her to Somalia to report on famine, or […]

Liz Jones on motherhood

Firstly, Liz gets to grips with sexism: Women today use sexism as a way to bully and oppress others. She then starts to make the world revolve around herself again (it appears her trip to Somalia didn’t change her at all) by complaining: I am fed up that I am always being accused of having […]

The Shameless and Feckless Liz Jones

Liz Jones earns a huge salary, far more than what even the Daily Mail classes as a ‘Middle-England’ income. She earned six-figure salaries as a Magazine editor and as far as she is according to the Daily Mail ‘one of Fleet Street’s highest paid columnists’ (remember, Richard Littlejohn is on close to £1 million a […]

Eejit Jones’ Diary

Now, I’ve thought long and hard about whether to write this. Because as you know, I’ve made it the habit of a lifetime not to slag off other writers – especially well-known, influential ones. And it’s not such a great idea to break the habit of a lifetime twice in a week. Then I thought, sod it. […]