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This is not journalism

Reporting what you are told by one person without any research or critical questioning¬† just because you like what they are saying is not journalism.¬† Yet it is happening more and more frequently in the Daily Mail who are now demonstrating that they will print anything – no matter how incredulous – as long as […]

Floods and Waves

As a change of pace I thought I’d peruse some other tabloid websites for a while to see what they were offering their readers. I haven’t been on the Sun website for quite some time, and suddenly remembered why I rarely visit the site for stories: because the site is just so terrible. I’ll give […]

‘You Can’t Talk About Immigration’

‘You can’t talk about immigration’. I seem to be hearing this phrase all the damn time lately. Isn’t the world a strange place sometimes. I could have sworn that a huge amount of time this election has been spent talking about immigration. I was absolutely certain that both TV debates featured all three leaders arguing […]

Ignoring the evidence on immigration, part 2

A while back I wrote about the destitute Gurkhas who moved to the UK expecting help and support but actually found out that they were not entitled to benefits, housing and so forth. I argued that as the story was in the Daily Mail it should demonstrate to Mail readers that the idea that immigrants […]

Leo McKinstry: A Challenge

Leo McKinstry today makes the following assertions: The great myth of the pro-immigration lobby is to pretend that newcomers have been the engine of economic prosperity. True, many have made a wonderful contribution to this country. But the fact is that any economic gains have been outweighed by the colossal costs to the public sector […]

Ignoring the Evidence about Immigration

Sometimes you think a story in the Daily Mail might make its readers think, just a little bit, about an issue. For example, the average Daily Mail reader firmly believes that every immigrant – illegal or otherwise – gets given lavish benefits, a house and everything they want. This is to be contrasted with the […]

Mac is not being ironic

On second thoughts, I think we can conclude that Mac isn’t being ironic. ‘Yes, sir. Somali pirates – we stopped them, gave them food and water, explained their human rights… then guess what?’ ‘Attention children. To set the mood Miss Spilsbury will strip off to demonstrate upside-down pole dancing whilst snorting a line of coke…’

We’re not supporting the BNP, honest

I’m sure most people are aware that Nick Griffin is set to appear on BBC’s Question Time tomorrow night and I’m sure it is far to say that opinion has been somewhat divided over the BBC allowing him to appear. From my point of view I have no real argument to make against him appearing […]