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There have been some good talks recently instigated by Tim Ireland over at Bloggerheads at revitalising some old websites and creating some new ones to better promote the work done by those who blog about the media. In particular it has the aim of having a website for each major tabloid newspaper that will appear […]

An ethnic roundup

As promised here are the blogs that covered today’s tabloid capital letter racism: Lenin’s Tomb – “Ethnics” Carmen gets around (II) – Ethnics, Ethnics, EVERYWHERE The enemies of reason: Express and ‘ethnics’: Now the veil has gone & Open letter to Express advertisers Tabloidwatch – Richard Desmond attacks ‘ethnics’ and ‘asylum scroungers’ & Those editorials […]

Government Killing Us With Drugs!

The Daily Mail enjoys a good bit of scaremongering and the Swine Flu outbreak has been the perfect opportunity for them to keep trying to scare us with ‘X died from Swine Flu’ headlines that the article then has to admit that serious underlying medical conditions where present in each case. Today is no different, […]

Friday Links

First up, Akela has posted a guest article on The enemies of reason blog, and it is a cracker: Agendas, idleness and collateral damage: A scout leader writes. The post perfectly demonstrates exactly how the media just talk absolute shite 90% of the time and that they rely on the reader not knowing enough about […]