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The Madness of Melanie Phillips

So, Dr Andrew Wakefield is now just plain old Andrew Wakefield after being struck off for – in the words of the Telegraph’s Tom Chivers: [being] one of the principal authors of perhaps the stupidest and most unnecessary health scare of recent Western history… [and] for being “dishonest”, “misleading” and “irresponsible” in his research into [...]

Melanie Phillips Defends Anti-gay preacher

Melanie Phillips has for a few years now been writing in defence of ever more untenable positions, largely as far as I can tell because she seems to have no connection whatsoever to reality. Today’s article is no different, in that where see shes outrage and Orwellian dystopia, I imagine the majority of people see [...]

The PC Brigade & Dr Taj Hargey

The PC Brigade, is there nothing this band of bandits will not ban? I had thought from reading newspapers that Christian nurse Shirley Chaplin had been told to remove her crucifix necklace for Health and Safety reasons, that the NHS Trust she worked for had a blanket ban on all jewelry. But I was wrong, [...]