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Richard Peppiatt’s speech to the Leveson inquiry

Your must read article of the day, largely because it is someone from inside the newspaper industry confirming my own arguments about how media narratives are constructed and adhered to by all of the journalists working for a particular newspaper: In approximately 900 newspaper bylines I can probably count on fingers and toes the times […]

Daily Mail polls readers on nonexistent EU car ban

Minority Thought has already covered the Daily Express story that claimed the EU was trying to ban all cars from cities – a story that turned out – unsurprisingly – to be absolute rubbish. As stated quite clearly by the European Commission in the UK: Contrary to comments made by a government Minister today, the […]

In the media spotlight

Last month the Daily Mail wrote a worried piece titled: ‘How will children ever grow up if schools won’t let them take risks?‘ which was followed by the following in bold: ‘A passionate attack on politically correct nannying by the inspirational teacher sacked for allowing pupils to go’. Not only does this highlight Stewart Lee’s […]

Always someone stupid enough…

Towards the end of my Winterval essay I point out that the reason the myth was still around after 12 years was because there would always be a public figure stupid enough to repeat it. It is disappointing to be proven right as yet another public figure – the newly appointed Lord Michael Dobbs – […]

The Media Agenda

I listened to the segment on Radio 4 this morning that featured London Mayor Boris Johnson and Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson discussing the attack on Charles and Camilla. Part of the discussion focused on why, when it is standard practice in the protection of ‘principles’ to have many alternative routes planned before the vehicle sets […]


From Football 365′s MediaWatch section today (a must read for fans of this blog): Those newspapers who do not have Harry Redknapp on their payroll had to scratch around for an angle on Tottenham’s Champions League draw. And scratch around they did… Opening paragraph in the Daily Star: ‘Peter Crouch’s wish was granted last night […]

An ethnic roundup

As promised here are the blogs that covered today’s tabloid capital letter racism: Lenin’s Tomb – “Ethnics” Carmen gets around (II) – Ethnics, Ethnics, EVERYWHERE The enemies of reason: Express and ‘ethnics’: Now the veil has gone & Open letter to Express advertisers Tabloidwatch – Richard Desmond attacks ‘ethnics’ and ‘asylum scroungers’ & Those editorials […]

The Shameful Daily Express

Utterly, utterly appalling. Cannot quite bring myself to really go into this right now. Words just somehow don’t feel like enough in cases like this. Update: The Enemies of reason has two posts on this, both of them well worth reading, so go here and here for those. Left Outside has a brilliant post on […]

‘Live’ Grenades

A classic piece of tabloid rubbish has been floating around today: ‘Don’t panic! Props for Dad’s Army play were live grenades‘ (Daily Mail); ‘Dad’s Army props were live grenades‘ (Daily Mirror) and ‘DON’T PANIC! OUR DAD’S ARMY PROPS ARE LIVE GRENADES‘ (Daily Express). As soon as I saw this story I thought what a huge […]