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Daily Mirror falsely claim Liverpool fan ‘arrested on suspicion for racial abuse’

The Daily Mirror have reported that Liverpool FC have been ‘hit by new racism row‘ and more specifically that: a fan was arrested on suspicion of racially abusing Oldham player Tom Adeyemi… Eyewitnesses saw two fans wearing Luis Suarez t-shirts, and heard one of them clearly shout “You f***ing black b*****d.” Police immediately moved in […]

Waking-up to the real state of our tabloid press

It is a huge story. The allegations that the News of the World hacked into Milly Dowler’s phone and not only listened to the messages but also deleted some of them to free-up space for new messages which, according to the Guardian, led to: friends and relatives of Milly concluded wrongly that she might still […]


From the excellent Football365 Mediawatch page today: Lazy? Part One You may have spotted a story doing the rounds about some betting shenanigans in the Newcastle v Arsenal game that seems to have originated from a French TV station. Several news outlets picked it up, but many pooh-poohed it. Such as The Daily Mirror’s John […]


From the excellent Football365′s Mediawatch today: Mediawatch was slightly confused about an interview with Tony Mowbray in The Daily Mirror this morning. Interviews don’t usually start with a discussion of the subject’s literary habits, but this particular article kicks off thusly: ‘Tony Mowbray patted the book on his desk and said: “I used to have […]

‘Live’ Grenades

A classic piece of tabloid rubbish has been floating around today: ‘Don’t panic! Props for Dad’s Army play were live grenades‘ (Daily Mail); ‘Dad’s Army props were live grenades‘ (Daily Mirror) and ‘DON’T PANIC! OUR DAD’S ARMY PROPS ARE LIVE GRENADES‘ (Daily Express). As soon as I saw this story I thought what a huge […]