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AOL in huge Fail

The News Grind is a satirical news site along the lines of the Daily Mash. Today they published a spoof story on the Moat situation: Live camera crews have been deployed in the hope they will capture the best footage of Moat being riddled with bullets in a shoot-out. “Talk about great, cheap telly,” said [...]

Fail and Shameful Scaremongering

From the Daily Mail: And another story aimed at scaring pregnant mothers: ‘Babies born at night in hospital ‘have higher risk of dying‘. Now, we looked at absolute risk and relative risk the other day, so this article is using the same scary trick: Pregnant women have been warned their delivery is nearly fifty per [...]

Daily Mail in X-Men Fail

The Daily Mail – always quick with a movie exclusive if it involves a semi-naked celebrity – has some NEW shots of James McAvoy in his lead role in the new X-Men movie: British actor James McAvoy has landed another Hollywood action franchise with the lead role in the latest X-Men film – and he [...]