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It seems to be a week in which Daily Mail headline writers are competing with each other to create the most offensive headline. Earlier in the week we had that headline on depression, yesterday we had Jan Moir giving her message to students in receipt of EMA: And today we have a story about how […]

Siding with the enemy

This is part one of ‘Richard Littlejohn: The cloaca series‘ In August 2006 Richard Littlejohn in an article about Muslims entitled ‘If they hate us so much, why don’t they leave?‘ wrote about Muslims that a: sizeable minority… have no desire to adapt to Britain. They want Britain to adapt to them. For a large […]

The Shameful Daily Express

Utterly, utterly appalling. Cannot quite bring myself to really go into this right now. Words just somehow don’t feel like enough in cases like this. Update: The Enemies of reason has two posts on this, both of them well worth reading, so go here and here for those. Left Outside has a brilliant post on […]

‘These comments have been moderated in advance’

Bearing the title of this post in mind, imagine what kind of comments didn’t make it through on this article: ‘Cameron to host No.10 party for gay celebrities in bid to woo ‘pink vote’‘: And in the red corner: Not surprisingly only one comment has passed moderation on this article: ‘‘Immigrants are making our country […]

The ‘semantics’ of climate change

A new year, same old Littlejohn. Littlejohn is now recycling his columns to such an extent that he is beyond parody. Today’s column (Mandelson to run the Jubilee? God save the Queen!) makes his normal crass, prejudiced stereotypes: Peter Mandelson is called ‘Mandy’ is drawn as camp as possible in the obligatory crap cartoon – […]

Jan Moir in the Daily Mail: Sickening Homophobia

Hagley Road to Ladywood announced it last week: anti-gay propaganda is back at the top of the Mail agenda. Since Stephen Gately’s death last week, the Daily Mail has been desperately trying to dig up some dirt. In spite of official confirmations that the Boyzone star died of natural causes, the Mail has decided that […]

Never mind that he’s dead, he was GAY for god’s sake

Daily Mail comments, always a hotbed for homophobia no matter what the circumstances, have today really excelled in tastelessly pointing out that gays cannot possibly marry: ’Revealed: The lonely life of Matt Lucas’s ex-husband who killed himself because he never got over their divorce‘. Of course, Mail readers want to offer their sympathies, but at the […]