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Sick and Wrong

I think I should apply for a job as a Daily Mail writer. It seems so easy. In order to write a Daily Mail article one merely needs to follow this three step process: 1. Take a standard Daily Mail premise (i.e. “Asylum seekers are evil…) 2. Find a random statistic and throw it in. [...]

More Lies about the NHS

There must be something wrong with me. I read Richard Littlejohn’s column from 30th November (Thank heavens my sick mum wasn’t at the mercy of the NHS) and I didn’t get angry. Was this because I agreed with what RLJ had to say? No. Was this because RLJ extensive research had led to a well [...]

Paul Dacre Must Die

The Daily Mail are a fucking disgrace of a newspaper. I hope Paul Dacre dies a slow and painful death and that people queue up to shit on his grave. The current top story on the Mail Website (betting it will be front page news tomorrow with a special defecation from Littlejohn who must be [...]