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Daily Mail invent Al Qaeda link

The Daily Mail has claimed this in a headline today: ‘Was it a training exercise? Loch Lomond forest blast is linked to Al Qaeda‘, which immediately begs the question: who has made this ‘link’? The answer, unsurprisingly is they have. Calum Murrray, Strathclyde Police Chief Superintendent, has stated clearly that: At the moment it would […]

‘It’s not at Ground Zero and it’s not a mosque’

These are the words of Sharif El Gamal the project developer of the, well, Islamic Cultural Centre? The sad thing is it is hard to know exactly what it should be called, given how the media have only referred to it as the ‘Ground Zero Mosque’. The words used as the title of this post […]

Richard Littlejohn on torture

This is part two of ‘Richard Littlejohn: The cloaca series‘ It is vitally important to understand that Richard Littlejohn does not condone torture, but that he does condone torture whenever he writes about it. I’ve described the Daily Mail writer / reader’s use of the word ‘but’ as essentially an admission that they are about […]

A slight overreaction?

The Liberal Democrat commitment to not just renewing Trident without any consideration as to whether it is still relevant in today’s world has received quite a lot of attention from the tabloids. This isn’t really surprising considering that tabloids exist to spread fear and it seems from my conversations with people that a lot of […]

Mail Quiet over White Terror Plot

I read a brief story over at Pickled Politics today about a terrorist confessing to plotting acts of terrorism and manufacturing weapons to carry the plots out. The link was to an article in The Independent: A white supremacist today admitted producing deadly ricin while preparing for acts of terrorism… At Newcastle Crown Court he […]

Detecting a Bogus Fear Story

Fear is one of the staple products of the mainstream media. Whether it be everyday products giving us Cancer, paedophiles around every corner or terrorists waiting to detonate around us: fearful is the default emotional state that we should be in. Today an article on the Daily Mail website caught my eye, largely because it […]