Monthly Archives: July 2009

Judge Ian Trigger: delivering judgement on us all

I had never heard of Judge Ian Trigger until I stumbled upon his claims on the Daily Mail website today: ‘Hundreds of thousands of migrants here for handouts, says senior judge‘. Let’s not beat around the proverbial here, Judge Ian Trigger is talking out of his arse and should learn to pass judgment on individual […]

If you have an affair you deserve to be killed

Daily Mail readers are not exactly known for their compassion, so I can’t say I was entirely surprised to see this article jumped on by Mail commentators: ‘Saudi princess given asylum in UK over fears she faces execution for having illegitimate child with British lover‘. Now having an affair is probably a bad thing, but […]

Richard Littlejohn and Friday Moderators

Every Friday the Daily Mail moderators relax and let through criticism of Richard Littlejohn. It is a wonderful sight to behold. His latest drivel: ‘Where’s PC Pagan? He’s at the Summer Solstice, Sarge…‘. Some comments that have been allowed to sit underneath it: It’s easy to take cheap shots at pagans. “He’s the one with […]

Deport me, I’m not even integrating

Richard Littlejohn often declares that he isn’t against immigration, but against immigrants who ‘refuse to learn English or integrate into our society‘. Now the word ‘integration’ has always bothered me when it is used in terms of integrating into a society, how is a person supposed to do this? Are they supposed to integrate with […]

Ladies and Gentleman: I give you the Daily Mail

As you are no doubt already aware I harbour strong feelings of disgust that the Daily Mail is read by around 2 million people. I find it hard to comprehend how that many people want to be fed a diet of hate, lies and just plain piss-poor information. Some would argue that there are worse […]