Monthly Archives: September 2009

Daily Mail and Bullying

If you search the Daily Mail website for the term ‘bullying’ you’ll get 2172 results. However, if you searched the Daily Mail website for examples of the newspaper bullying someone, you’d get substantially more articles than that. The Daily Mail website is updated so often because it fills its pages with articles criticising celebrities for […]

Depressingly predictable

What a thoroughly predictable and depressing front page from the Daily Mail this morning. Some people I know don’t seem to understand my hatred of this newspaper, but that is because they base their worldview on what they read in tabloid newspapers and therefore can’t see anything wrong with attacking the ‘immigrant invasion’. The response […]

Daily Mail and Rape

I have been neglecting this site somewhat recently because I am helping build a website for rape victims. The purpose of the website is to try and shatter some of the popular myths or misconceptions about rape, and to empower more women or men to come forward and pursue the prosecution of the perpetrator. Throughout […]

More Daily Mail Bollocks on Immigration

Caught in the act (again): tabloids recycle false statistics to make immigration sound more dramatic. There are people out there who still refuse to accept the poisonous role played by Britain’s tabloids when it comes to race and immigration. Many blogs have repeatedly pointed at the most blatant examples of inflammatory red top churnalism. When […]

Asian clothing part of ‘Muslim invasion’

There are stories on the Mail website that you just know are going to attract vast amounts of outraged comments – it is both utterly predictable and depressing in equal measure. Today’s story for attracting racism, ignorance and above all paranoia is: ‘Asda launches Asian clothing in first ethnic fashion line by a High Street […]

Dick Spotted, Named Littlejohn

Predictably, today Richard Littlejohn couldn’t resist an ‘hilarious’ repetition of the ‘Spotted Dick has been banned and PC gone mad has changed it to Spotted Richard’ – which I guess is quite brave really, tackling a story which talks about ‘Dick’ and ‘Richard’ meaning the same thing. Naturally Littlejohn is fully behind the cries of […]