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What is worse than the tabloid press?

The fuckwits that repeat their lies. Yesterday’s short post on the ‘parents banned from playing with children’ story in the Daily Mail tried to point out that the story was absolute bollocks and the council had tried to make this as clear as possible in a clear statement. However, the factual accuracy of a story […]

Contrary to Media Reports…

Hat tip to the Mailwatch forum for the truth about this story in the Daily Mail: ‘Parents banned from watching their children in playgrounds… in case they are paedophiles‘. The article states that: Parents are being banned from playing with their children in council recreation areas because they have not been vetted by police. Mothers […]

The Make-Believe World of Tabloid Journalism

Another day, another story twisted out of all recognition by a tabloid press dissatisfied with merely reporting facts. Today’s story is covered by the Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror; the Daily Mail goes with: ‘Pub regular banned from drinking Stella died after downing six pints of water in protest‘; whilst the Daily Mirror decides […]

Daily Mail show you the meaning of ‘bare-faced hypocrisy’

I often ask myself why I bother writing this blog. Every now and again the futility of it all strikes me and I just can’t think of any reason to keep plugging away at the Daily Mail for the horrific and dishonest worldview that it feeds its readers. Today for example Suzanne Moore has written […]

The inevitable result of believing the lies of the tabloid press

This is currently the highest rated comment under an article on the BNP on the Daily Mail website. You’ll immediately recognise lies from the Daily Express, Daily Mail and others in his post. Support for the BNP is the inevitable result of concerted tabloid lies about Muslims and immigrants in general. Update: The article on […]

We’re not supporting the BNP, honest

I’m sure most people are aware that Nick Griffin is set to appear on BBC’s Question Time tomorrow night and I’m sure it is far to say that opinion has been somewhat divided over the BBC allowing him to appear. From my point of view I have no real argument to make against him appearing […]

Impotent Anger

Thanks to Google putting a previous article I wrote on Jan Moir on the first page of search results for ‘Jan Moir’ this website has received a lot of traffic regarding Jan Moir’s article on Stephen Gately. Because I do not in the first instance moderate comments it has also led to some angry comments, […]

Boycott the advertisers, Destroy the Tabloid Press

I’m sure everyone is now fully aware of Jan Moir’s hateful, ignorant and homophobic article about Stephen Gately. It was covered on this site and just about every other blogger I know so I will not go over old ground by repeating things that have been covered elsewhere. Instead I want to focus on what […]

Jan Moir in the Daily Mail: Sickening Homophobia

Hagley Road to Ladywood announced it last week: anti-gay propaganda is back at the top of the Mail agenda. Since Stephen Gately’s death last week, the Daily Mail has been desperately trying to dig up some dirt. In spite of official confirmations that the Boyzone star died of natural causes, the Mail has decided that […]