Monthly Archives: November 2009

Daily Mail Reporter gutted at lack of nipple

The Daily Mail was terribly disappointed today when it missed a chance to write a pointless story about a celeb… with a bit of nipple or lady-lips on display. Ashley Cole was inconsiderate enough to hide his wife’s underwear much to the disgust of crouched paparazzi who couldn’t wait to sell some flesh to the […]

Government Killing Us With Drugs!

The Daily Mail enjoys a good bit of scaremongering and the Swine Flu outbreak has been the perfect opportunity for them to keep trying to scare us with ‘X died from Swine Flu’ headlines that the article then has to admit that serious underlying medical conditions where present in each case. Today is no different, […]

I hate these Sun adverts and the PCC

I found out via Twitter today that the Press Complaints Commission (PCC) chairman – Baroness Buscombe – has lofty ambitions for the PCC; such as extending its remits to the blogosphere. As the Tweeter (Unity) pointed out: they might want to actually start regulating the press first. Baroness Buscombe has a long history of working […]

Mail Online Invaded by Loony Left BBC-Lovers?

Another day, another Daily Mail attack on the BBC. This time it is for encouraging youngsters to drink ethanol: ‘Six pupils rushed to hospital after copying scene of schoolchildren drinking deadly ethanol on BBC’s Waterloo Road‘. First things first. this is a Daily Mail article, so lets tackle the scare-mongering exaggeration of the article: although […]

Police respond to grieving family concerns… Mail not happy

Another day, another attack on the Police Force from the Daily Mail. Today’s outraged headline is: ‘Unsolved murder’… who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! (Or how police wasted £20,000 probing suicide after tip-off by psychics). The article starts: even the most diligent of officers would balk at the idea of launching a murder investigation based on […]