Monthly Archives: March 2010

A Damning Report

I was reading a blog post by Mark Easton – the BBC’s home editor – on crime statistics being pushed in different directions by different political parties in the run up to the election. In the post he just happened to mention that crime statistics being pushed by the Conservatives had inspired the Daily Mail […]

Gary: Littlejohn with Crayons

Tabloidwatch has already pointed out that Richard Littlejohn’s drivel on town hall ‘Nazis’ is about as reliable and factually accurate as normal, but I felt that some comment must be made on ‘Gary’s’ accompanying picture. Not for the first time it seems in pretty bad taste. If you haven’t seen it, here it is, (I […]

The Safest Roads in Europe…

Richard Littlejohn has immense trouble with basic facts, yet conversely tries to claims that he is just ‘telling us like it is’; famously declaring once: ‘I merely report the facts’. Except he doesn’t, he just makes up whatever happens to suit his agenda. Today’s column was no different with Littlejohn arguing that the drink drive […]

Killer to be released in weeks, maybe

Frightening news in the Daily Mail today: ‘Thug who stabbed to death headteacher Philip Lawrence ‘to be released from prison within weeks’‘. You’ve spotted them, haven’t you? The inverted commas covering the ‘to be released from prison within weeks’ part. You just know it’s bollocks, don’t you? And, of course, it is: Learco Chindamo, who […]

Ignoring the Evidence about Immigration

Sometimes you think a story in the Daily Mail might make its readers think, just a little bit, about an issue. For example, the average Daily Mail reader firmly believes that every immigrant – illegal or otherwise – gets given lavish benefits, a house and everything they want. This is to be contrasted with the […]