Monthly Archives: July 2010

Goodbye for now

Well, it is approaching midnight and I’m getting married in the morning so this is just a quick goodbye as I’ll be on my honeymoon for the next two weeks. This is just a short post to say thanks for reading, commenting and linking to this blog; and also thanks to all those people who […]

News of the World pays damages to Brad and Jolie

The BBC have reported that: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have accepted an undisclosed sum in settlement of their privacy claim against the News of the World. The stars sued the newspaper in January over a story saying they would separate and had agreed custody arrangements. Appearing in London’s High Court, the couple’s lawyer said […]

Daily Mail Dosing

The repitition of writing about Daily Mail ‘journalism’ makes me realise that I so often start a post in exactly the same way. I always seem to start with the old cliche that just when you think they could not get any worse, they do. However, this is not done for effect, it is written […]

It is not about truth

I often write about how Daily Mail readers swallow any old rubbish if it suits their prejudices – even the ‘stories’ that are nothing more than a completely dishonest headline and the article clearly states that the truth is completely different attract legions of outraged comments from Mail readers. Yet the current top story on […]


There have been some good talks recently instigated by Tim Ireland over at Bloggerheads at revitalising some old websites and creating some new ones to better promote the work done by those who blog about the media. In particular it has the aim of having a website for each major tabloid newspaper that will appear […]

Daily Mail and horrific deaths

I’m not sure if it is just me, or has the Daily Mail been making more effort to report in great, lurid detail more and more terrible deaths? It seems to me that thousands of people die across the UK each day for a variety of reasons and the vast majority of these deaths are […]