Monthly Archives: August 2010

Littlejohn tackles the issues

Ignoring his petty moan about junk mail (in which he complains about the ‘official intrusion’ of NHS surveys asking about sexuality and race etc, which are questions that you do not have to answer. Which he should know, if he actually read the questionnaires. In fact, he probably has the PC brigade to thank for […]


From Football 365′s MediaWatch section today (a must read for fans of this blog): Those newspapers who do not have Harry Redknapp on their payroll had to scratch around for an angle on Tottenham’s Champions League draw. And scratch around they did… Opening paragraph in the Daily Star: ‘Peter Crouch’s wish was granted last night […]

The world is full of sexually deprived saddoes with a laptop and a broadband connection

I live in South Wales and my drive to work has been affected over the last year by the construction of a new bypass around Church Village. The last few months I noticed some metal structures being built over the roads (like posh goalposts), which I initially thought were for hanging road signs from. Then […]

The Daily Mail invents a miracle

The Daily Mail’s current top article is relying on its readers being pretty stupid and gullible: ‘Miracle mum brings premature baby son back to life with two hours of loving cuddles after doctors pronounce him dead‘. Firstly, just because someone is pronounced dead, it does not follow that they are actually dead. People make mistakes […]

The Sun’s inventive back page

Readers of Football365′s Mediawatch section will be aware of just how much stuff on the back pages of newspapers is utter fiction, but one example struck me recently as pretty breathtaking: ‘Carlos Tevez in Euro taunt at Manchester United‘. The opening line of the article claims that: CARLOS TEVEZ says winning the Europa League with […]


The Daily Mail sensitively covers the story that Whitney Thompson ‘wants women to love their bodies’ and ‘beat eating disorders’ by placing the story directly above an article thanking (‘That’s better, Sadie!’) Sadie Frost for being less fat and pale then she was two years ago: As well as concern over Mariah Carey’s ‘ever-fuller figure’. […]

Mind how you go, Richard

Another day, another lazy ‘Mind how you go’ section from serial bullshitter Richard Littlejohn. This week he casually claims that: In Suffolk, the police are giving stolen bikes to young offenders to help them look for work. Of course, this is not true and if Richard could be bothered to try and remotely justify his […]

Daily Mail: Firmly aligned with the far-right

I first heard the news that seven HMRC employees had been sacked for racial discrimination via the BBC yesterday and I was curious to see how the Daily Mail covered the story. Not surprisingly they cover it in a way designed to invoke outrage against the ethnic minorities who were the victims of racism, rather […]