Monthly Archives: November 2010

The answer to the rhetorical question is always likely to be ‘NO’

The Daily Mail headline: ‘Is wi-fi radiation killing off trees? Study blames computer signals for dying leaves‘. The claims made at the start of the article: As if our magnificent trees didn’t have enough problems, they’re now being threatened by our emails… Now researchers say radiation from wi-fi networks that enable our burgeoning online communications […]

Daily Mail invent Al Qaeda link

The Daily Mail has claimed this in a headline today: ‘Was it a training exercise? Loch Lomond forest blast is linked to Al Qaeda‘, which immediately begs the question: who has made this ‘link’? The answer, unsurprisingly is they have. Calum Murrray, Strathclyde Police Chief Superintendent, has stated clearly that: At the moment it would […]

Goverment provides a grant, council gets the blame

Another council has become the victim of Daily Mail lies: ‘Fury as council spends £900,000 on refurbishing a travellers’ site‘. The article claims that: A council came under fire today over plans to spend nearly £900,000 refurbishing a travellers’ site. Conservative-controlled Cambridgeshire County Council owns Blackwell Farm, a 15 plot site near Milton, which is […]

Switch off, log on

So, the Guardian reports today that the Daily Mail website is ‘most popular newspaper website in the UK, with nearly 18 million readers a month, and is second only to the New York Times worldwide’. This is not really a surprise, just more evidence that a huge amount of people enjoy mindless rubbish. Whenever I […]

It’s a sin

I listened to Iain Duncan Smith’s interview on Radio 4 this morning when he was introducing his ideas about reforming welfare. He made the point that what he wanted to change was the situation where people are disadvantaged by taking a job, in that they lose so many benefits that work forces them into greater […]

What is worse than leaflets stirring up racial tension?

I know it is not news to anyone that the Daily Mail is staggeringly hypocritical, but sometimes it is just worth repeating because they do something like this: Phil Woolas is a deeply unpleasant man who not content with authorising the forceful deportation of children during his time as Immigration Minister also decided to run […]

‘Pictured’: The Daily Mail’s Victorian freakshow

The Daily Mail is very pleased with themselves today, having acquired some pictures of the ‘The mother aged 10 who had baby with her 13-year-old cousin’. The Daily Mail borrows its imperialist outlook and moral backwardness from the Victorian era so it is only right that they use the Victorian freakshow as a business model […]