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Finally, proof that Richard Littlejohn cannot use the Internet

From his column today: This is probably the first occasion a crossbow has been used in a robbery in this country since the Middle Ages. Even Robin Hood and his Merry Men, one of our earliest organised gangs, favoured the more-chivalrous longbow. I searched the internet for the number of crimes in Britain committed with […]

Daily Mail back on the subject of baby names

This time they cover a survey of 423,000 children born in 2010 which claims that ‘Oliver and Olivia become Britain’s most popular names for children in 2010‘. Which is odd, considering that it wasn’t long ago that the Mail was claiming that Mohammed was the most popular boy’s name. Even stranger, Mohammed doesn’t even make […]

The best thing about 2010

Five Chinese Crackers did a wonderful review of Richard Littlejohn’s ‘novel’ To Hell in a Handcart, and it really was one of the best things I have read all year. It demonstrates that not only is Richard Littlejohn a supremely untalented writer, but that he also has a huge range of really serious issues that […]


From the excellent Football365′s Mediawatch today: Mediawatch was slightly confused about an interview with Tony Mowbray in The Daily Mirror this morning. Interviews don’t usually start with a discussion of the subject’s literary habits, but this particular article kicks off thusly: ‘Tony Mowbray patted the book on his desk and said: “I used to have […]

Eco-bulbs a ‘Health hazard’

Claims the Daily Mail, based on a study conducted in Germany by breaking the bulbs and measuring the amounts of mercury released. The article makes it clear that such danger only arises when a bulb is broken, and that you can purchase protected bulbs which are very tough to place in certain rooms if you […]

Always someone stupid enough…

Towards the end of my Winterval essay I point out that the reason the myth was still around after 12 years was because there would always be a public figure stupid enough to repeat it. It is disappointing to be proven right as yet another public figure – the newly appointed Lord Michael Dobbs – […]


I’ve been spending a little bit of time reading Richard Littlejohn’s website recently. It is a strange experience because the website spends a lot of time building up Richard Littlejohn as a serious social commentator, a brave crusader of free speech who is prepared to say the things that no-one else will. You then head […]


On the second of December John Kercher – father of murdered Meredith Kercher – wrote a piece for the Daily Mail in which he complained about the minor celebrity status acquired by Amanda Knox. In particular he described how ‘Sometimes it seems that there is no escape from her or her jaunty nickname, ‘Foxy Knoxy’ […] needs updating

From Littlejohn has no party political affiliations and believes journalists should be in a state of permanent opposition and scepticism, opposed to vested interests of all political persuasions and fiercely protective of civil liberties. His job is to sit at the back and throw bottles. So, a man fiercely ‘sceptical’, permanently in ‘opposition’ to […]