Monthly Archives: January 2011

Ricky Gervais, Ricky Gervais, Ricky Gervais

He’s just presented the Golden Globes. That is big in America. The Daily Mail websote is big in America. Ricky Gervais is a celebrity. The Daily Mail must therefore take advantage of the Google searches and the interest in Ricky Gervais by writing as many things as possible about Ricky Gervais until the excitement dies […]

More dubious drug coverage from the Mail

The local press coverage of this horrific attack does not mention that the attacker was ‘high on miaow-miaow’, indeed, the newspaper makes it clear that the attacker was fully in control of her emotions throughout the lengthy torture session. The paper does not link her use of mephedrone or indeed alcohol to the attack, but […]


On the Daily Mail website for your consumption right now: ‘Countdown numbers girl Rachel Riley left blushing after contestant’s word is “panties”‘ Hosts of top TV show Countdown were left with red faces when a contestant spelt ‘panties’. Numbers girl Rachel Riley was left blushing and host Jeff Stelling was left smiling as the rude […]

Daily Mail lie fools Grant Shapps

In October last year the Daily Mail claimed that even in spite of cuts Manchester City council had decided to hire a ‘Twitter and Facebook tsar’ for £38,000 a year. Grant Shapps – Minister of State for Housing & Local Government – believed this news story and earlier Tweeted his lack of sympathy for Manchester […]

More quality Daily Mail journalism

Two mentions for the Daily Mail in Football365′s Mediawatch section today: One has to admire the stubborn persistence of The Daily Mail. The paper EXCLUSIVELY reported on Tuesday that Spurs were sniffing around Phil Neville. The Mail themselves weren’t so much sniffing, as sticking their nose right into the glass and drawing in the deep, […]

Freedom and responsibility

The Daily Mail has launched its latest attack on the BBC – a row that they describe as ‘its biggest controversy since the Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand ‘Sachsgate’ saga in 2008′ – this time the ‘storm’ surrounds the recent Eastenders’ storyline. It seems that some people – including the Daily Mail – cannot distinguish […]