Monthly Archives: June 2011

Abuse and defamation, part 2

So, I’ve heard back from the lawyers representing Associated Newspapers and it turns out they’re not satisfied with the action I have taken so far (see here and here for the full background). You see, although I deleted the original post and replaced it with a short explanation as to why – in which I […]

‘A lower standard of person’

I knew one of the Daily Mail’s overpaid columnists wouldn’t be able to miss passing judgement on the vulgar lower classes who dared to attend Ascot: ‘Death of civility and the rise of the vulgarians‘ [ link], is the headline for Amanda Platell’s latest brain-vomit. What I find strange is the assumption that the ‘eight […]

Knowing the Not Known

This is a Sponsored Post Since 2010 Tiger beer has been running a campaign called ‘ Know The Not Known‘ in which it has tried to provoke curiosity and reward engagement through a series of media partnerships ( Vice and Empire) and a range of bespoke events and creative content creation projects. Possibly the most […]

Just a quick point

The Daily Mail (and Peter Hitchens) do like to drivel on about the ‘thought police’ and how apparently no-one is safe from them. Today the Mail has posted this story online: ‘The ‘coconut’ hate crime investigation that shows NOBODY can escape Britain’s Thought Police’. And again, the story does not relate to what someone thought, […]

The problems with ‘diversity’

Since this blog began it has covered in many ways the idea of ‘diversity’ because it is a buzzword that has gained a very negative resonance with the right-wing press, whilst at the same time it is a word that anyone in the workplace is familiar with as organisations draw up diversity policies and so […]