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Reason for hope

So whilst Uponnothing is away, I’m taking advantage of my posting privileges. On Wednesday the Mail front page headline was this: The shirking classes: Just 1 in 14 incapacity claimants is unfit to work This is classic Mail in so many ways, see how many you can count. These are the ones, I found: 1. […]


I’m on holiday from 3.40am tomorrow so it is unlikely anything will be posted for the next two weeks and a bit. Which is a shame in some ways because it is an interesting time to be a media blogger. As usual, use the links on the right-hand side to find other media bloggers, follow […]

A cliche, but: is this a new low for the Daily Mail?

‘Bedbound pensioner dies after being gnawed by rats as scrapping of weekly bin collection leads to rodent infestation [ link]‘ screams the headline of a Daily Mail article attributed to The Daily Mail Reporter (no-one would want to claim credit for this article). The article claims that: A bedbound pensioner who died after being gnawed […]

Stewart Lee responds to Jan Moir article

Worth a read: Moir’s column about ‘foul-mouthed left-wing’ comics who hate Michael McIntyre is only to able to suggest two examples of this ‘cabal’, me and, bizarrely, Frankie Boyle, the paper’s default bête noir. Here we go, point by point, chop chop chop, Timber. Firstly, I am not ‘foul mouthed’. I swear once in the […]

Brief thoughts on today’s hearing

Just a couple of brief thoughts on today’s U.K. Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee hearing. Firstly, in many ways it was exactly what was expected: politicians demonstrating that they are not often elected on merit or ability; those summoned pleading almost universal amnesia or simply skirting around answering questions with a stream of waffle […]

How big is Roundhay Park in Leeds?

The Daily Mail has covered [ link] the recent Red Bull Flugtag 2011 event in Leeds – you know the one where people invent comic flying machines and fall from a large platform into water. This time it was held in Roundhay Park in Leeds, or more precisely in the lakes there. I’ve never seen […]

Melanie Phillips: in her own little world

Melanie Phillips. Mad Mel. Someone who I recall was once memorably described on Twitter as ‘batshit, faeces up the wall insane’. It says something that even in the reality vacuum, outrage baiting world of Daily Mail columnists, Melanie Phillips can still pull out a column so deranged that you have to re-read its title over-and-over […]

Crime and _________?

One of the things that has always struck me about the Press Complaints Commission is that it rarely seems able to punish newspapers even when they make serious errors – or worse they are caught out deliberately lying. Very often this means that the only way a member of the public can feel like any […]

What about the real news?

Today’s Daily Mail editorial condenses all of the basic arguments that have been trotted out by their ever-so-compliant columnists in the past week as to why we should all forget about hacking and move onto something else: ‘Never mind phone hacking, what about the real issues facing Britain?‘ [ link]. In the real world, bleak […]