Monthly Archives: August 2011

Littlejohn’s Research (part 1,079)

It’s been a while since New Labour were in power but Richard Littlejohn is still repeating the same tired old columns about them – indeed, his two columns this week feature the same details about Peter Mandelson buying a house – the second one another variation of his favourite ‘made-up-radio-show-phone-in’ sketch. I’ve now become just […]

Littlejohn’s ‘Silly Season’

The standards expected of a Daily Mail columnist are so low that Richard Littlejohn can freely admit that he is an utterly lazy and repetitive writer – in fact he spends a substantial number of words just pointing this out. I can’t help but find it odd that Littlejohn’s readers don’t get just a little […]

Daily Mail still stealing online content

So, yesterday the Daily Mail shuts down for copyright infringement whilst claiming that they were entitled to recover all of the - in the words of the lawyers representing Associated Newspapers - ’ill-gotten profits’ made by as a result of caching Mail Online articles. As usual, the Daily Mail is being deeply hypocritical and relying – once […]

Daily Mail lawyers strike again

After my own issues with the lawyers of the Daily Mail a while back (see here and here for details) they have now been in touch with the excellent and have essentially managed to shut them down. In a letter which you can read on the website the webmaster is told that: Your […]

Worst. Argument. Ever.

It must be wonderful being James Delingpole. Here is someone who constantly wheels out the most shallow, ludicrous and repetitive arguments in response to any given topic whilst he genuinely believes he is the most intelligent person on the planet and rather than being wheeled into a home for the terminally bewildered he is instead […]

A darker side to the London Riots?

The globalist trend of manipulating the masses into accepting tyranny re-emerges in overt fashion during media coverage and public reaction to the London riots, Writes Chris Beames All the riots which are igniting in London right now reflect EXACTLY what Alex Jones details in his Police State documentary collection. When Idiotic anarchists are allowed to […]

Mad as hell

We should be tearing down the current system; the world is a deeply unfair place in which a rich minority rule billions of people’s lives. But the system will not be destroyed with random looting or violence – which plays perfectly into the hands of those in power, who can simply enforce more powers to […]