Monthly Archives: September 2011

Words fail me

As the world teeters on the edge of a complete economic meltdown and the Daily Mail calls for more and more austerity they then applaud this £250m idea: This is currently the lead story on the Daily Mail website, will this be their front page story tomorrow?

Publishing emails…

I have had some criticism on Twitter and in the comments on site – not to mention from Melanie Phillips herself – for publishing contents of the emails that she sent to me. I can understand the criticism, and it is something I have never done before and I doubt I will ever need to […]

Melanie Phillips on Winterval

About half an hour ago I sent Melanie Phillips an email regarding her repetition of the famous ‘Winterval’ myth on which I happen to think myself quite the expert – having traced the myth back to its origins in 1997 and written extensively on its development over the years since. Amusingly Melanie Phillips has been […]

EU does not plan to enforce 20mph speed limit

The Mail wesbite today printed the following headline: ‘EU plans to enforce 20mph speed limits in residential zones and replace Highway Code with European laws sparks outrage’. Then, in their article – which is full of the normal enraged quotes from the standard frothing Tory rent-a-gobs – they clearly state that: today’s proposal is only […]

Human Rights wrongly blamed, again

Another day, another chance to blame Human Rights for something: ‘Prison van driven 96 miles to take defendant 60 YARDS to court as “walking will infringe his human rights”‘. The Mail claims: A prison van travelled 96 miles to transfer a defendant just 60 yards from a police station to a court because walking would […]

The trouble with dishonest headlines…

According to a Daily Mail website headline today: ‘Goodbye Mr Chips: Doritos creator dies at 97… and his family wants to sprinkle them over his body before he is buried’. So, in a kind of weird tribute to Arch West (creator of addictive TV snack Doritos) his family are supposedly going to ‘sprinkle them [Doritos] […]

Winterval 2011

Well, it has started: Winterval season is upon us. In fact, it has been with us all year round thanks to the trusty ramblings of right-wing columnists only to happy to trot out the same lies. As you may know last year I spent a bit of time researching the ‘Winterval’ myth – that councils […]