Monthly Archives: October 2011

What’s your poison?

The wonderful people behind the NHS Behind the headlines section have released their first in-depth report on how media coverage impacts public perception of a particular medical issue – in this case, alcohol. The report – What’s Your Poison: A sober analysis of alcohol and health in the media – examines the media’s relationship with […]

Avoid deportation by joining a Gym – claims Daily Mail

According to the Daily Mail website today: ‘Failed asylum seeker who has dodged deportation for a decade told he can stay… because he goes to the GYM’. What the judge actually said was: ‘He had integrated well within the Glasgow community, had a large network of friends, most of whom were Scottish, and socialised with […]

Kelvin MacKenzie on Dale Farm

Last week Kelvin MacKenzie joked about reporting himself to the Press Complaints Commission for being ‘anti-gypsy‘ after he published his idea of a gypsy flag (a photo of some fly-tipping). This week he finds room for a joke about Dale Farm: Forty travellers from Dale Farm arrive at the Pearly Gates in their caravans. St […]

‘Scare over miscarriage scans unjustified’

From the NHS Behind the headlines blog: Several news sources have today reported that errors during early-pregnancy ultrasounds are leading to unnecessary abortions. The Daily Mail said that hundreds of babies a year may die due to ‘blunders’ in testing and the Metro said that unreliable tests caused a baby to die every day… Despite […]

The Daily Mail Reviews: Nirvana

At the end of August (for some reason I only saw this today) Paul Connolly decided to review the legacy created by Nirvana – to mark the 20 year anniversary of the release of Smells Like Teen Spirit. Here is what he had to say: Let’s get this straight – Nirvana were glorified one-hit wonders. […]

The PCC is a joke

This week Paul Dacre went on the attack at the Leveson inquiry by defending the PCC against what he called ‘myths’. One such myth he wanted to tackle was that the PCC was a toothless regulator because they could not issue sanctions against newspapers for wrongdoing. Dacre argued – as he has before – that […]