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Has the Daily Mail Jumped the Shark?

The TV show Happy Days in many people’s view went in to a terminal decline when The Fonze jumped over a shark whilst water-skiing. Watching the show always involved suspending disbelief to quite a large extent as the Fonze is clearly a ridiculous character but the point when he jumped over a shark was the […]

A sad day for palliative care

Three weeks ago I wrote about my dismay at the Daily Mail’s attack on the Liverpool Care Pathway. This week Baroness Neuberger’s team has published its report: “More Care, Less Pathway.” Amongst its recommendations is this: The name ‘Liverpool Care Pathway’ should be abandoned, and within the area of end of life care, the term […]

Liverpool Care Pathway – The Daily Mail vs Care for the Dying

An inevitable philosophical question: I’ve been occasionally contributing to Angrymob for a few years now. Kevin (aka Uponnothing) very kindly gave me a login. I write because I care about the truth. I write because I believe that the lies and agenda of the Mail are pervasive and damaging. I write because I hope to […]

Vile Product

I genuinely didn’t think it was possible for me to have more contempt for the Mail. It turns out I was completely and utterly wrong: I think that pretty much everyone who’s heard this story of the Philpot family will have been deeply saddened and upset. It is a very bizzare tale of a couple […]

Something Positive About The Daily Mail

Now, bear with me! On Facebook there is an identity referred to as “The Medical Registrar” this is a small number of doctors who post pithy and interesting comments about medicine. Sharp humour is the usual modus operandi. Along with the occasional rant. A couple of weeks ago they posted on the drivel that Melanie Phillips […]

Reason for hope

So whilst Uponnothing is away, I’m taking advantage of my posting privileges. On Wednesday the Mail front page headline was this: The shirking classes: Just 1 in 14 incapacity claimants is unfit to work This is classic Mail in so many ways, see how many you can count. These are the ones, I found: 1. […]

Bad Journalism

As has been highlighted before on this blog the Daily Mail is particularly adept at exploiting the PCC’s ruling that ‘headlines are not actually part of a story’ and hence do not have to be accurate. I was browsing through the brilliant Ben Goldacre’s Bad Science blog this morning and found an excellent article highlighting another […]

Daily Mail vs NICE

(National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) It is becoming clear that the Daily Mail hates NICE. Now for many people that is recommendation enough for the much-maligned body, however I think we do need to look at this in a little more detail. I am not sure why the Mail hates NICE so much […]

More Daily Mail Racism

This article in the Daily Mail is desperately in need of a proper response. Fortunately Minority Thought and Enemies of Reason have both done a very good job of it, so I will be lazy and direct to their thoughts. I simply will add that I agree with both of them and I am disgusted […]