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Winterval E-Book published

I’ve spent the last few weeks fully updating, proofreading and finalising my first E-book and am pleased to announce that it has now been published via Amazon. I hope to publish the book with Kobo store in the next couple of days. It should make a nice digital stocking filler for anyone interested in a […]

The New Journalist

Just a short message to let you all know that I’m not sure how much longer this blog will be continued. As you know I have started The New Journalist and it is taking up quite a lot of my time and I’m not sure whether I should post new content to that site or […]


I’m on holiday from 3.40am tomorrow so it is unlikely anything will be posted for the next two weeks and a bit. Which is a shame in some ways because it is an interesting time to be a media blogger. As usual, use the links on the right-hand side to find other media bloggers, follow […]

A change of pace

So. It appears that I am back writing again, because here I am sat here at 20 to 1 in the morning tapping away at my keyboard. This is just a short blog post to let you know that this blog will be going in slightly different directions from now on because since writing this […]

2 Years on

The excellent Tabloid Watch blog is 2 years old today, which immediately reminded me that this blog is also just over two years old and that I should spend a few words to acknowledge this fact. Firstly, it is probably fair to say that the media is probably in a worse condition than when I […]

Winterval Myth & Islamophobia to be covered by Radio 4

Tomorrow at 12.30 on BBC Radio 4, Face the Factswill be covering the Winterval Myth during a programme examining how the British press is contributing to¬†Islamophobia. I was interviewed for the programme¬†because of my essay on the Winterval Myth and the fact that the EDL (supposedly a peaceful organisation protesting against extreme Islam) threatened to […]


As you may have noticed, it has been awfully quiet round here as late because I was working on another project: The Winterval Myth. It is finally complete. Essentially it is a fairly lengthy essay that explores how the Winterval myth started, what newspapers spread it and how. I hope it is a fairly interesting […]

Goodbye for now

Well, it is approaching midnight and I’m getting married in the morning so this is just a quick goodbye as I’ll be on my honeymoon for the next two weeks. This is just a short post to say thanks for reading, commenting and linking to this blog; and also thanks to all those people who […]

Angry Mob is One Today

Well, after checking the date of the first post published on Angry Mob it would appear that Angry Mob has now existed for one year. It happens to share the anniversary with the excellent Tabloid Watch who has managed a staggering 579 posts in just one year. Angry Mob has managed a less impressive 226 […]


Well I’m at a wedding all day today and tomorrow I fly out to Spain for a week, so obviously Angry Mob will not be getting updated for a week or so. I will endeavour to relax away from the Daily Mail and enjoy the sweetness that is reality. However, should I happen to bump […]