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The best thing about 2010

Five Chinese Crackers did a wonderful review of Richard Littlejohn’s ‘novel’ To Hell in a Handcart, and it really was one of the best things I have read all year. It demonstrates that not only is Richard Littlejohn a supremely untalented writer, but that he also has a huge range of really serious issues that […]


There have been some good talks recently instigated by Tim Ireland over at Bloggerheads at revitalising some old websites and creating some new ones to better promote the work done by those who blog about the media. In particular it has the aim of having a website for each major tabloid newspaper that will appear […]

Iain Dale: Bullshitter

According to Wikio Iain Dale is the most influential blogger in the UK. This is disappointing, not only because he talks shit about immigration and repeats tabloid lies, but also because he is far more a political spinner than a real blogger. For example, his comments regarding the BBC election night exit poll were as […]

The Angry Mob

I’ve been meaning to write about the title of my blog for some time because it appears a few people just don’t understand it. The premise is simple: I took the title from the Kaiser Chief song ‘Angry Mob’ that included the lyrics: We are the angry mob We read the papers everyday day We […]