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‘obtained from a news agency in good faith’

From the Press Complaints Commission’s ‘resolved’ case list today: Jennifer Stevenson complained to the Press Complaints Commission that the newspaper’s coverage of a fatal horse riding accident was inaccurate. The complainant was among the first people at the scene and, contrary to what had been reported, there was no indication that the rider’s injuries were […]

Daily Mail stealing photos again

The Mail Online has covered a story about a Great White shark in San Diego swimming near surfers [FreezePage link]. The story includes 6 photographs and it seems as if the Mail Online has been guilty of using the photographs without seeking the permission of the person who took them. Luckily the photographer happened to […]

Daily Mail still stealing online content

So, yesterday the Daily Mail shuts down for copyright infringement whilst claiming that they were entitled to recover all of the - in the words of the lawyers representing Associated Newspapers - ’ill-gotten profits’ made by as a result of caching Mail Online articles. As usual, the Daily Mail is being deeply hypocritical and relying – once […]

Press reform: the challenge of addiction

It’s becoming increasingly clear that a substantial section of our press is no longer serving to report the news, but rather functions as a full-blown arm of the entertainment industry. Accuracy, journalistic integrity and moral decency have been replaced by the overwhelming desire to sell as many newspapers and as much advertising space in those […]

AOL in huge Fail

The News Grind is a satirical news site along the lines of the Daily Mash. Today they published a spoof story on the Moat situation: Live camera crews have been deployed in the hope they will capture the best footage of Moat being riddled with bullets in a shoot-out. “Talk about great, cheap telly,” said […]

A Fishy Tale

Hot on the heels of the cute pig in wellies suicidally promoting sausages comes this story about a Piranha supposedly caught in Kent: ‘Mystery of the killer Piranha caught by angler in a FOLKESTONE pond‘. As unlikely as this sounds the original headline is one of the most laughable that I have seen in a […]