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A sad day for palliative care

Three weeks ago I wrote about my dismay at the Daily Mail’s attack on the Liverpool Care Pathway. This week Baroness Neuberger’s team has published its report: “More Care, Less Pathway.” Amongst its recommendations is this: The name ‘Liverpool Care Pathway’ should be abandoned, and within the area of end of life care, the term […]

Liverpool Care Pathway – The Daily Mail vs Care for the Dying

An inevitable philosophical question: I’ve been occasionally contributing to Angrymob for a few years now. Kevin (aka Uponnothing) very kindly gave me a login. I write because I care about the truth. I write because I believe that the lies and agenda of the Mail are pervasive and damaging. I write because I hope to […]

The Daily Hate

Fresh from one of the vilest, most dishonest and openly hateful front pages in recent times the Daily Mail is continuing its attack on those receiving benefits, this time with a poll. It warns its readers that such a poll may be ‘hijacked by the Left’ (just in case the results do not go in […]

A darker side to the London Riots?

The globalist trend of manipulating the masses into accepting tyranny re-emerges in overt fashion during media coverage and public reaction to the London riots, Writes Chris Beames All the riots which are igniting in London right now reflect EXACTLY what Alex Jones details in his Police State documentary collection. When Idiotic anarchists are allowed to […]


Over at Daily Mail online HQ is motivation to keep plugging away: Bins, climate change and another editorial which just demonstrates that the Mail has given up even the slightest pretence of being a newspaper and instead is happy with direct propaganda: As former Cabinet Secretary Lord Turnbull said this week in a truly withering […]

More Daily Mail Racism

This article in the Daily Mail is desperately in need of a proper response. Fortunately Minority Thought and Enemies of Reason have both done a very good job of it, so I will be lazy and direct to their thoughts. I simply will add that I agree with both of them and I am disgusted […]

Daily Mail and horrific deaths

I’m not sure if it is just me, or has the Daily Mail been making more effort to report in great, lurid detail more and more terrible deaths? It seems to me that thousands of people die across the UK each day for a variety of reasons and the vast majority of these deaths are […]


This story currently on the Mail website caught my eye: ‘Vicious’ attacks and talons being sunk into ‘terrified locals’ sounds pretty disturbing. Then you click on the article and read it and things become rather less dramatic: Horse rider Lindsey Wake had a lucky escape when she fell victim to the hawk-like bird. ‘I was […]