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An ethnic roundup

As promised here are the blogs that covered today’s tabloid capital letter racism: Lenin’s Tomb – “Ethnics” Carmen gets around (II) – Ethnics, Ethnics, EVERYWHERE The enemies of reason: Express and ‘ethnics’: Now the veil has gone & Open letter to Express advertisers Tabloidwatch – Richard Desmond attacks ‘ethnics’ and ‘asylum scroungers’ & Those editorials […]

Some Important pre-election links

It has been a very busy week for the blogosphere and Twitter, given the wealth of bullshit being printed by Tory-supporting newspapers. One of the best round-ups of this can be found over on Tabloidwatch and makes essential reading, also pay Die Dog or Shite the Licence a visit for his take on this story. […]

Friday Links

First up, Akela has posted a guest article on The enemies of reason blog, and it is a cracker: Agendas, idleness and collateral damage: A scout leader writes. The post perfectly demonstrates exactly how the media just talk absolute shite 90% of the time and that they rely on the reader not knowing enough about […]