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Reason for hope

So whilst Uponnothing is away, I’m taking advantage of my posting privileges. On Wednesday the Mail front page headline was this: The shirking classes: Just 1 in 14 incapacity claimants is unfit to work This is classic Mail in so many ways, see how many you can count. These are the ones, I found: 1. […]

Daily Mail: the letters

Today David Cameron made a speech about immigration designed to specifically generate glowing tabloid headlines and appeal to the readers who have been systematically lied to about immigration for years. Here are two letters printed in the Daily Mail – one yesterday, one today – that demonstrate the sort of person David Cameron is shaping […]

‘Daily Mail Diamonds’

I would dearly love to interview this couple to get their opinion on the world; from the Daily Mail Letters page today: Daily Mail Diamonds My husband (aged 85) and I (83) can beat Brian Toon’s brother-in-law’s parents (Letters) for the longest readership of the Daily Mail’s lively pages. Last week we celebrated our Diamond […]

It is not about truth

I often write about how Daily Mail readers swallow any old rubbish if it suits their prejudices – even the ‘stories’ that are nothing more than a completely dishonest headline and the article clearly states that the truth is completely different attract legions of outraged comments from Mail readers. Yet the current top story on […]

‘These comments have been moderated in advance’

Bearing the title of this post in mind, imagine what kind of comments didn’t make it through on this article: ‘Cameron to host No.10 party for gay celebrities in bid to woo ‘pink vote’‘: And in the red corner: Not surprisingly only one comment has passed moderation on this article: ‘‘Immigrants are making our country […]