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Winterval: Still alive and kicking

Remember the dim and distant days of November 2011 when the Daily Mail published a correction to a Melanie Phillips article in which they finally acknowledged that Winterval had never renamed Christmas: We stated in an article on 26 September that Christmas has been renamed in various places Winterval. Winterval was the collective name for […]

Daily Mail stealing photos again

The Mail Online has covered a story about a Great White shark in San Diego swimming near surfers [FreezePage link]. The story includes 6 photographs and it seems as if the Mail Online has been guilty of using the photographs without seeking the permission of the person who took them. Luckily the photographer happened to […]

Daily Mail still stealing online content

So, yesterday the Daily Mail shuts down for copyright infringement whilst claiming that they were entitled to recover all of the - in the words of the lawyers representing Associated Newspapers - ’ill-gotten profits’ made by as a result of caching Mail Online articles. As usual, the Daily Mail is being deeply hypocritical and relying – once […]

Daily Mail lawyers strike again

After my own issues with the lawyers of the Daily Mail a while back (see here and here for details) they have now been in touch with the excellent and have essentially managed to shut them down. In a letter which you can read on the website the webmaster is told that: Your […]

Sources & plagiarism

This Huffington Post story written on the 26th March was clearly attributed to Reuters, two days later and it appears on the Daily Mail website attributed to ‘Daily Mail Reporter’ without any mention of Reuters or the Huffington Post. Inputting the Huffington Post article into and it shows that the Mail has cut 77% […]