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Daily Mail still not exactly racially sensitive

In the week that Paul Dacre tried to claim credit for bringing two racist murderers to justice the Daily Mail website is quickly returning to form with some standard comment moderation in which racially abusive comments are happily let through, even though the comments section clearly states that all comments are being moderated. The story […]

The Daily Mail’s initial coverage of the Stephen Lawrence murder

A lot of rumours and half-truths have been buzzing around Twitter and comment threads about how the Daily Mail initially reported the Stephen Lawrence case, and why Paul Dacre allegedly changed from being hostile towards it to one of its biggest champions. In 1997 The Observer and Guardian newspapers covered the Daily Mail’s famous ‘Murderers’ […]

Dear Paul Dacre

I watched your video on the Daily Mail website in which you celebrated the conviction of David Norris and Gary Dobson and in which you expected the Daily Mail to be praised for securing the conviction thanks to your vainglorious headline back in 1997 that accused 5 men of murder. I listened at your anger […]

Worst. Argument. Ever.

It must be wonderful being James Delingpole. Here is someone who constantly wheels out the most shallow, ludicrous and repetitive arguments in response to any given topic whilst he genuinely believes he is the most intelligent person on the planet and rather than being wheeled into a home for the terminally bewildered he is instead […]

Daily Mail: Firmly aligned with the far-right

I first heard the news that seven HMRC employees had been sacked for racial discrimination via the BBC yesterday and I was curious to see how the Daily Mail covered the story. Not surprisingly they cover it in a way designed to invoke outrage against the ethnic minorities who were the victims of racism, rather […]

More Daily Mail Racism

This article in the Daily Mail is desperately in need of a proper response. Fortunately Minority Thought and Enemies of Reason have both done a very good job of it, so I will be lazy and direct to their thoughts. I simply will add that I agree with both of them and I am disgusted […]